Snapchat: from sexting to success

Snapchat is gearing up for a strong IPO. Snap Inc. is aiming for a valuation of $ 16 billion. Already a lot more than 3 billion Zuckerberg have wanted to pay in 2013. And a good thing, if it had succeeded, Facebook would now have the 5 most used apps in the world.

Investment advice you will not find it here; Paul D’Hoore and I have other interests. What I want to do it? How Snapchat no ball attracts the established rules. Moreover, it seems that CEO Evan Spiegel handbook “Building a social network for dummies” had read and decided to do exactly the opposite.

And with success: 160 million people use the media daily to put more than 2.6 billion videos and photos. Yet Snapchat is considered by many too often dismissed as a frivolity. Presumably because they do not understand.

The most striking of the medium is its volatility. Where companies like Facebook and Google retain any brain fart till the end of time, disappear “Snaps” just (after 1 day public, even after one time among friends). It made the medium of Snapchat for immoral piquancy.

But for silly selfies, including rainbow vomit filters and rabbit ears. The volatility was quite a relief. Your life artificially sprucing up so that it picks up right on your Facebook or Instagram profile, eventually became a suffocation.

Your life artificially sprucing so good picks on your Facebook or Instagram profile was a choking in the long run. That is the core: Snapchat does not turn around document (superficial), but communicating. And as happens in life, it is often quick and dirty, then styled and ready for a fashion magazine.

On Snapchat allowed the messy, as long as you share. Immediately why the app opens on the picture screen, or why the company launched the Spectacles sunglasses with a camera in it.

For companies and brands that carelessness meant an entire adjustment. Done with polished mass. Authenticity and dialogue were the norm. And that gets a panic attack for an untraceable message of 10 seconds. Many marketing manager.

Media companies also scratched serious in her. The customary formula, “click magnet entitled + textual article photo” proved obsolete. Instead, it was balled and visually. Publishers in the Discover section therefore work with special editors (eg. To vertical video), but in exchange have loyal viewers every day glued to their screens. A much needed breath of fresh air in a sleepy industry.

Also live coverage was put upside down: no longer journalists (and their camera crews) our window on the world, but Snaps that bring people together into one story. A bit like Twitter, but on visual steroids.

A final commandment what snapchat spy: ease of use. For many years, user experience (rightly) a dogma for people who design software. Everything has to be intuitive, clear and simple. Not so with Snapchat. It’s like Cirque du Soleil for your fingers where you swipet it’s a delight.

Explanation of this interface squirming? The media would use it harder for an older audience, and therefore less visible, some young people be able plums. And strongly supported by hidden gestures makes the social network instant insiders. Which can then at school or at the coffee brag about their Snap-skills.

Some nuance to that last point at issue. The Snapchat interface slowly begins to conform. The network will include more input at older audiences. And teams on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram copy to your heart and shamelessly what their yellow competitor. (Wipe once again vertically or horizontally through Instagram or Messenger.

That brings us to the biggest challenge for Snap Inc. The competition, the success of Snapchat could include long-underrated or not at all, this success formula now takes just indiscriminately. Instagram Consider: the platform has now also added Stories (vanishing videos) (and Facebook coming soon). That hurts: the rapid growth of Snapchat leveling just as quickly again in recent months.

Snapchat or the sky-high expectations (which are only higher in an IPO) may redeem, remains to be seen.