Audi A8

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Audi A8

Audi is one of the most luxurious and performance car manufacturers. Bavarians are proud ranges occupying important places in the house tops, ranges such as Mercedes, BMW and Audi. Audi is a subdivision of Volkswagen. Audi has a colorful history compared to its rivals. Audi was a rather dangerous opponent in the category Sport. In 1993 Audi presented two sports cars: Audi Avus quattro Spyder and Audi.
Audi was first launched in July 1910 manufactured in factories in Zwickau. Perhaps many have wondered where the inspiration badge manufacturers, four overlapping circles. They represent four brands of Auto Union members. The first circle represents the Audi, the second circle represents the DKW, third circle represents the Horch, and the fourth circle represents the Wanderer. The logo symbolizes their fusion. If we think better, period 1910 – 2016 represents a period full of evolution, a period in which Audi has evolved a lot and saw this. If we make a more detailed comparison should be between the first 1910 Audi A8 L and the new generation Audi in 2015. You can see the developments that have occurred over the years. The new Audi A8 L Sport was launched in the US. The new model comes with a more advanced than the previous version, with a 4.2 engine that develops up to 450 hp. All A8 models feature 8-speed automatic transmission, the first sedan that generalizes this box.
The 2015 has a new look, is the fourth generation body weighing just 230 kg. And the back has a new look with LED taillights. Bi – xenon headlights are standard on the entire range. The new special features include variable direction the sport package, new systems of assistance and an 8-inch color display. Audi A8 L comes Inside the Executive and Luxury packages, bringing adjustment to seats on 22 directions. It shows a quality leather seats, Valcona, a panoramic roof covered in Alcantara and accessories.
New generation A8 L is up to the standards VR9, the highest level of protection they can give a car a man. Resist bullets and explosions. If only this year that were removed resistant models bullets and explosions, I wonder where he got Jason Statham in Transporter car. Many drivers opt for Audi A8 because it is more responsive than other models, offering more grip all-wheel drive. You can go alone up to 65 km / h and if alone. To achieve this high level of protection, Audi has worked in many they say, a car company secrets strengthened in areas where they have problems with special aluminum alloy, high strength steel and aramid fiber. This car seems to be a bunker in case of war. In the trunk of an armored box that offers communication with the outside, a fire extinguishing system and even a package that offers fresh air in case of gas attacks.


Model armored Audi A8 dipsunde two engine versions: 4.0 TFSI V8 FSI 435 hp and 500 hp W12. For security reasons and because the properties of the tires, the car will be limited to 210 km / h. Fuel consumption varies between 10l and 14l / 100km. These versions will be available from spring 2016.
Rumor has it that at Audi not yet determined the launch of the new Audi A8. Rivals Mercedes S – Class is successful, and BMW is preparing and he be successful with the new 7 Series model Audi will not stay away so it would delay the launch in 2016 and will leave the next generation A8 to be expected . Release is banal reason of the delay, saying they still have to work on electronic gear system architecture. The real reason is competition in the market.
Although I think Audi would not stand out as model not sold compared with other models. Eventually, Audi A8 L shows the highest degree of protection they can give a car a man. And no prices are not excessive, are accordingly. Depending on the engine, Audi A8 price ranges between $ 70,000 and $ 140,000.

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